How to get TAX FREE fuel on Adriatic Sea in 2021

18 Mar

How to get TAX FREE fuel on Adriatic Sea in 2021

Passing through Adriatic Sea on the way to your next destination or planning your stay in one of the ports along Adriatic coast?
We are well aware how important it is for your trip to have high quality fuel at most competitive prices.
Let our team help you refuel your boat safely with fuel and oil with no tax on your purchase.
Yacht Agent Montenegro can assist you with refueling in all Montenegrin marinas and ports and through our network we are able to organize you bunkering in whole Albania as well.
With our partners we always fulfill our clients expectations in terms of quality of provided fuel and service.
Montenegro and Albania offer you this service but with differences between in terms of regulations and limits. Here are some important facts that can help you if you planning to visit Montenegro or other Mediterranean countries and to keep your tank always full in most economical option so you cruise this wonderful area with ease.



Did you know that Tax-free fuel in Montenegro and Albania is 45% cheaper than retail diesel prices in these countries, and up to 60% less expensive than the regular retail price in EU?
Along the Montenegrin coast, there are three fuel stations where you can supply your yacht with tax and duty-free diesel.
Tax and duty-free fuel are available to both private and commercial yachts with no minimum limit nor registration restrictions.
In Montenegro, as per government regulation, fuel prices change every 14 days (night between Monday and Tuesday) but for large duty-free refueling quantities (over 100 000l) price can be adjusted depending on the situation.
In contact with our team, you can supply your yacht with tax free fuel in next Montenegro ports:

I. Porto Montenegro – Tivat

Duty Free Fuel for no limit in yacht size or quantity. 

Location : 42˚26.03’N 18˚41.33’E

Positioned at the end of Jetty 3, this specialized fuel dock through it’s system holds stock of up to 800,000 liters of tax and duty free fuel which can be pumped at up to 1000 liters per minute. The dock is operational all year round (with variation in working time, summer time is from 08:00 until 20:00 and winter time is from 08:00 till 17:00, but everything can be arranged to suit clients needs depending on availability) and up to three yachts can refuel at the same time.
Fuel provided is high quality Euro diesel (Ultra low Sulphur) and you do not have to preorder specific amount, you can take any quantity that is under safety requirements depending on your tank capacity.
Fuel dock in Porto Montenegro is part of customs dock and you can clear out of Montenegrin waters as soon as you finish your bunkering directly from the berth.
As this is specialized place for refueling of yachts additional services like mooring operations, fire fighters etc. are included in overall service expenses.
In the winter time short notice for reservation of refueling slot is often possible, but in the season period several days ahead is obligatory due to occupation and availability.

II. Port of Bar

Location: 42°05'36.6"N 19°04'42.3"E

This is part of commercial Port of Bar where you can refuel all yacht sizes and supply them with any quantity demanded as it is part of pipeline connected to the main tanks in one of  biggest port in region.
Maximum draft in the port is 13 meter, and same as in Boka bay area pilotage is mandatory for all yachts over 1000 GRT.
At the moment due to limited capacities only one yacht refueling is possible and it is always advised to schedule your time several days ahead.
This is a commercial port and Port due (e.g. fireman’s, mooring, unmooring, garbage, oil spill protecting system, etc.) will be charged per each operation depending on time used to complete it.
Customs and police clearance can be done at the spot and departure is possible directly from bunkering berth.

III. Marina Bar

Location: 42°05'57.1"N 19°05'15.8"E

Refueling station in Marina Bar is smallest in it’s capacity, with tanks holding up to 30000 liters and size limit of 40 meters with maximum draft up to 4.5 meters. Announcement is obligatory in both winter and summer season, with exception in winter that it can be in one or two days and in summer is better to be more that three days prior to refueling. If larger quantities are required at any time it is best to advise earlier so that everything can be organizes accordingly.
Operation services are included in price and it is obligatory to move back to customs dock (in Port of Bar) to finish customs formalities as well as check out procedure so that you may depart to your next destination.


A valid vignette and a stamp with yacht’s details (name of the yacht, registration number, and port of registry engraved in it) are required to acquire duty free fuel. Upon completion of bunkering the yacht must leave the territorial waters of Montenegro without delay, except in some unexpected emergency situation with allowance from custom and police authorities.



Tax and duty-free fuel are available to both private and commercial yachts with no minimum limit nor registration restrictions in Albanian ports.
Tax-free fuel supply is governed by Regulations on Special Customs Supervision, and Customs Procedures for Goods used for supply of transportation means in international traffic.
Tax free supply is delivered by truck.

Yacht Agent Montenegro is partnering with Superyacht Services Albania part of Albanian Kastrati Group, as most reputable supplier whose quality of service and fuel completely fulfil expectations of our clients demands, a company established more 20 years ago, and has fleet of new trucks delivering in all ports and marinas from Shengjin, Durres commercial port, Vlora to Sarande as their biggest southern yacht spot.
They offer bunkering services with a brand-new fleet of Mercedes trucks, delivering up to 1000 liters/minute.
Tax free diesel minimum quantity is 800 litres, and quantites need to be preordered before arrival in precise quantity as it is supplied by trucks and any quantity of fuel is possible to order.
Pilots are required on all yacht with their length over 20 metres and tug boats are compulsory for vessels with their GRT over 1000 tonnes.

Where there is a fuel and bunkering, there is a need for professional support assistance, and we offer the best team, customized to your expectations.

For any information regarding diesel prices, berth availability and prices, do not hesitate to contact us through our website or by phone +382 67 132 233 any time 24/7.
If you’d like us to provide you with tax free diesel and oil on your next stop, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance so we may have the appropriate bunkering paperwork ready for you.
Skip the tax and enjoy more financial freedom on your next expedition.

We’re always available the contact form below or by phone. Look forward to providing you the ultimate yachting experience.

  +382 67 132 233

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